You might wonder the assignments that we are assigned to do within a timeframe is the hardest part of your career at the university, or you might think the syllabus would drive you crazy. Most of the time, you are in fact, correct. However, you forget that you are hardening what’s already hard by procrastinating.  An euthanasia for your grades. 

As an international student I was tempted to explore and experience the culture in the limited time. And university can be compulsive with unmissable parties, gatherings and weekend night outs. The University of Melbourne takes up a whole suburb consequently accommodating a large amount of students. You meet a new person every for sure. And as human beings we do love to maintain healthy relationships with everyone as well, so we make plans, socialise. 
This article is not against socialising, in fact I do encourage you to socialise with your mates at least once a day for an hour or two, because it relaxes your mind after a stressful workload. But not knowing the limits of socialising could lead you to lose your precious time that you could invest studying. Because at the end of the semester, piling up previous work won’t help at all. It could leave you to bad grades, depression and in fact lower your self esteem. 

Procrastination is cynical, and as a victim of it, I believe it’s the sole reason students today at major or minor universities losing their motivation and confidence. Consequently it could even lead you to bad health conditions through depression and lack of sleep. For example, some of the assignments are given with a generous timeframe but what students fail to understand is that, it is misguiding, say fifteen days today is just over two weeks from now and you don’t start it till it’s the 13th or 14th day, and suddenly you realise the assignment requires research, understanding and knowledge in the area of the subject. You start reaching by pushing your daily revision, which pushes back every planned study sessions you’ve planned so far. And sometimes those assignments are so huge you would sacrifice your sleep for the next two days.

It’s a common mistake we all do, I have done it over 3 times in my first year and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I was given a reasonable grade but I did know I should’ve scored more had I started it before. Anyhow, as a result of pushing your studies, you’ll be loaded up with work during swotvac and sometimes no.. Most of the time, we tremble on it. Losing ourself to work. Ultimately recieving a grade under our potential. 

University is abstract, and requires your knowledge apart from subject itself. Procrastination would only poison your grades. As an important piece of advice, to all you undergrads out there, be upto date with lectures and never push back your work. And if you are given an assignment with a huge timeframe, start doing it right away or start it within two days. 

I want to take this moment to wish all of you, good luck on the upcoming semester. Remember no procrastinating, and well that includes long breaks. I learnt my lesson the hard way, so here I am writing about it. Procrastinate not!….. 


International Student Starter Pack

If you are a prospective student (and this applies to any university) and you just received your offer letter from the university you applied to, Congratulations, You’ve made it! And if you are already in university and have completed a couple of semesters, you already know what I am talking about.

So let me get to the specifics, if you are an international student, the major hassle when it comes to moving to a new country is probably the fact that you are unaware and confused of what to take to the new accommodation you are moving in. Well the the essentials depends on where you are going to live next semester, it could be a dorm, your own studio, and blah. Because there are a million means of accommodations for a student.  I am going to narrow it down to the specifics, as in the absolute essentials you would need, when you are moving away from your home.

Essential Documents

  1. Your passport and a few passport size photographs. – just in case you might need photographs for your student ID and proof of age card. I recommend you to have at least 3 passport size photographs with you.
  2. A printed page of your visa.
  3. All your school certificates (This includes your A Level, IB’s and everything)
  4. Any government license – This could come in handy
  5. Doctor’s prescription of your medication – If you are under certain medication, it is wise if you could take the Doctor’s prescription with you (better if it’s certified) just in case if you run out of your medicine.
  6. CV
  7. University acceptance letter

Essential Electronics 

  1. Laptop   (A MUST)
  2. Smartphone (Cliche but inevitable)
  3. A good pair of headphones
  4. An iPod  (Optional)
  5. A decent camera (A GoPro is Ideal)
  6. Trimmer (Male)
  7. Calculator – check your course specific website for any recommended models
  8. A wristwatch.
  9. An External Hard Drive (trust me you’ll be needing this, at least a USB Stick)
  10. Portable Speakers (Optional)
  11. Multiplug (Essential)
  12. A spare phone charger

Essential Clothes (Males)

  1. Cotton T-Shirts – A week’s worth
  2. Crisp white shirts for formal occasions – At least 2 is preferable
  3.  2 Weeks worth underwear.
  4. Ties – At least 3-4 ties are preferred, with an essential black tie.
  5. A pair in each walking shoes, dress shoes, sports shoes, smart casual shoes and loafers.
  6. A good pair of cufflinks
  7. A backpack
  8. An additional bag
  9. At least 2 hoodies
  10. A jacket
  11. At least 2 suits –  1 dressy (Usually Tuxedo) and 1 professional
  12. A good cologne
  13. PJs or whatever you wear to sleep
  14. Sportswear
  15. Denim or trousers – over 4 pairs of them
  16. At least a week’s worth of socks.
  17. Casual shirts
  18. Cap/Hat/whatever to cover your head
  19. An Umbrella


  1. A cards pack
  2. Chessboard
  3. A football (The real english football)
  4. A PS4 (Optional)
  5. Plenty of story books
  6. Any musical instrument  – If you are an instrumentalist.

Essential Bedding 

  1. Bed sheets – A must and 90% of the time won’t be provided by the student accommodation
  2. Quilt
  3. 2 Pillows
  4. Pillow covers

Essential Studying 

  1. Stationaries – Scissors, Pens, Pencils… etc.
  2. Diary/ Planner – Usually this would be provided by the university.
  3. Essential old notes
  4. Microsoft Office – Check uni website, they might have bought it for you. (In the case of Melbourne  Uni Students, login with your Uni ID at the Microsoft website and you can download it for free)

Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Kitchenware – If you are moving into an en-suit apartment, you might want to consider simple kitchen stuff such as a toaster, water heater, pans and some basic cutlery
  2. A coffe mug – Save the planet folks
  3. An alarm clock – Usually available in smartphones but then I don’t want to see my phone slammed on the wall the next day
  4. Toiletry – Your toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, soap and shampoo.
  5. Clothes hangers
  6. Towels – take at least two of them
  7. Miscellaneous hair products and skincare
  8. Sunscreen – A MUST
  9. Extra storage boxes
  10. Pictures of your family and friends

There you go guys, these are some of the things I think would be essential to take, when you leave your home. There could be slight variations in requirements depending on different circumstances but then heh, good luck again on your uni life.

Furthermore if you feel like you know other essential things than the ones I have mentioned, please feel free to comment it down below as it would help our freshmen students. Any comments on the article please let me know below as well and feel free to ask questions.

Until next time….


Husni 🙂


First Year? First Year

Hello Peeps,

I am terribly sorry, I was inactive with my posts. As you see I am a very busy person (lazing around and spotting restaurants), so let’s get to the point, I just completed my first year! YAY! well almost……let’s not get there. Anyhoo, now that I am back home chillin’ with Adele’s new album and eating kebabs, I would have plenty of time to catch up with y’all my lovely readers.

I still can’t believe the fact that one year passed swiftly within a few blinks of my eye. It was amazing, I regret not participating in more clubs, it was fun… trust me guys, clubs are fun. And I’ll assure you, this year (well 8 months to be exact) changed most of my beliefs and confidence levels (More about it later)

Anyhoo ladies and gentlemen, I will be updating posts on what I did, what you should do and what not to do, over the next couple of weeks. So guys, stay tuned.


Husni Shafqat 🙂